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Pastoral Prayer of Benediction

Harvest Hills Congregation 23 January 2022


Dear Heavenly Parent,


How amazing that You are here in our gathering.

You bless us with people who want to gather!  Our history in Harvest Hills is abundant with groups of people deeply committed to You and the desire to be committed to creating a community of hope.  People who needed their children and their future to be infused with peace and hopefulness.  


Now amongst us are those with special needs of healing – grant them the knowledge that You love them and know their needs.  Be with the physicians and persons that have particular care for their minds and bodies.


Amongst us are those with needs of healing for loneliness.  Let them know that Your Love can reach their inner souls with comfort and a new awareness and wholeness in their lives.


Amongst us are those crying inside with a desire to find new purpose.  Grant them an abundance of new thoughts and hope in designing and pursuing their direction.


Amongst us are those who wondered whether to believe at all in the goodness and dreams of their younger days.  Let them rest in the realities of past directions and search for new avenues of meaning.  All are loved.  All have worth.  All are welcome to question and search and reach out further and deeper.  


Thank you for neighbors in all their diversity and levels of eagerness.  May we not judge but look for places and moments of appreciation and common humanity.


Bless this amazing corner of Independence.  Here at Harvest Hills the folk have gone through numerous ups and downs.  May the dream of Christ-centred intention never leave them.  Though small in number may their influence yet grow through the inevitable changes since it only takes a spark to light a space of goodness.


May we yet be surprised by the One whose dusty feet walked on this earth.  The One who wept with yearning for the souls as He looked on the city from a hillside.  May we too look with longing and desire to the places where ministry is needed.  May your Spirit be the call that stirs us to respond to needs close at hand.


May we increase in our love for You God, and our love for our neighbor.


In Jesus name we pray.  Amen.

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