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ALUP Meeting

April 13th - ALUP Meeting

Roy was to get the measurements for both sides and get prices on blocks.

Tammy was to get prices on bricks.

May 11th -  Text to Tammy from Roy


 Pave Stone Regal Pro.

Recommends 18 inches wide,

8 inches tall, 12 inches deep.

Roy said he could get the blocks for $189.00 per pallet, not including tax or shipping.

1 pallet covers 36 ft. of face.

Keystone Hardscape

Pavestone Company

601 NE Pavestone Drive

PO Box 6770

Lee's Summit, MO 64064

HH Board Meetings

May 18th Board meeting.

Roy stated he would bring drawings for next meeting.

June 1st Board Meeting.


Roy forgot to do the drawings. Stated he would bring them next meeting.

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