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Harvest Hills Association General Conditions for Home Improvement

  1. The ALUP Committee is designated in the Harvest Hills Subdivision Regulations of the Protective Covenants, namely to review and make recommendations to the HHA Board concerning the outside appearance, or exterior alterations proposed on all property within the subdivision.


​  2. There is no need to submit an application, if your home improvements are replacing the same, like, and kind. (Example:          Painting your house the same existing paint color, or replacing an existing deck or shed of the same size).


      If your home improvements are replacing, enlarging, or modifying an existing structure (Example: replacing an existing            deck or shed with a different size, or painting your house a different color other than the existing paint color), then you          are required to submit a Home Improvement Application.


  3. Please submit the Home Improvement Application to one of the ALUP Co-Chairs, Becky Rustenhaven or Tammy Noble.            ALUP Committee meeting will be set up on site, to review the property for proposed home improvement(s). ALUP                    Committee will make a recommendation to the HHA Board for approval. A letter will then be mailed to the resident,                 informing the resident of the HHA Board decision.


  4. The Harvest Hills Association encourages residents to follow city, county and state laws. The ALUP Committee and the            Harvest Hills Association's approval, DOES NOT constitute approval from the city, county, or state.

      The homeowner is responsible for acquiring the proper building permits and approvals.


      Contact: Independence Community Development Division, Michael Stewart/ Residential Plans Examiner. (816) 325-7769.


  5. Many utility lines are located underground and out of sight. Digging carelessly can cause disruption of vital utility                    services and environmental damage, or even loss of life.


      Contact: Call 1-800-DIG RITE or call 811 before you start any project which requires digging.


  6. Any requests to build a firepit, must first be approved, by the Independence Fire Department. A copy of their issued                permit must then be submitted to the ALUP Committee, who will then make a recommendation to the Harvest Hills                Board for approval.


      Contact: Fire Prevention Division, Assistant Chief, Mike Dittemore, 950 N. Spring St., Independence, MO 64057. Phone:            (816) 325-7121.


  7. Any Harvest Hills Association Board member or Harvest Hills Association committee member, who privately consults or           subcontracts to a Harvest Hills resident about a building project, etc., is not authorized to represent the Harvest Hills             Association Board or ALUP Committee in said consultation/building project. All ALUP Committee and Harvest Hills Board         communication/decisions shall be provided to the resident in writing.


  8. In the event, the ALUP Committee and/or the Harvest Hills Board fails to take action within 45 days after receiving a                written application, approval will not be required and the application request (as listed in the Protective Covenants) will        be deemed to have been fully complied with; however, this does not include the city, county and state requirements for          permits/approval.



Harvest Hills Subdivision

Declaration of the Protective Covenants

Article VII – Architectural Control Committee


   Section 1.

   Review By Committee.

   "No sign, building, awning, fence, outside antenna, wall or other structure shall be commenced, erected or maintained           upon the properties nor shall any exterior addition to or change or alteration therein be made until the plans and                     specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, height, and location of the same shall have been submitted to and                   approved in writing as to harmony of external design and location in relation to surrounding structures and topography by       the Architectural and Land Use Planning Committee and the Board of Directors of the Harvest Hills Association".




Architectural and Land Use Planning Committee (ALUP)


The major function of the ALUP Committee is designated in the

Harvest Hills Subdivision Regulations of the Protective Covenants,

namely to review and make recommendations to the Board

concerning the outside appearance, or alterations proposed on

all property within the subdivision.

Harvest Hills Association

195 Oak Hill Cluster

Independence, MO 64057

Architectural and Land Use Planning Committee

Home Improvement Application


Owner’s Name____________________________________________________________   Section: _______    Lot: _____

Property Address____________________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address (if different) __________________________________________________________________________

Email_______________________________________________________________   Cell__________________________


Anticipated Dates of Construction:

Proposed Start Date__________________           Proposed Finish Date_________________


Construction is to be done by:

Owner____          Contractor____


Style of Home:

Condo____          Townhome____          Single Family____          Rental Unit____          Earth Contact____          Dome____    


Location of Changes:    

Front of Property____          Back of Property____          Side of Property____          Roof____          Other____

Describe: __________________________________________________________________________________________



Home Improvement Construction Request For:      

Fence____          Patio____          Deck____          Shed____          Awning____           Wall____          Driveway____         Antenna / Satellite Dish____          Solar Panel____          Firepit____          Painting Exterior____          Roof____           Other ____



Are you replacing, enlarging or modifying an existing structure:




What type of siding will be used:

Lap____          Vinyl____          T-111____          Other____          (Must match home)


Materials Used:

Metal____          Wood____          Paint/Stain Colors____          Other____

Describe: __________________________________________________________________________________________



Described Proposed Improvements:

Dimensions: Height, Width, Length, Size and Spacing, Total Square Footage



Attach and submit any supporting documents with this application:

Plans____         Documents____          Drawings____          Pictures/Photos____          Building Permits____          Other____


Signature of Applicant____________________________________________________    Date______________________



ALUP Committee Only

Signed By ALUP Chair Only

Date Application Received: ____________________          By_________________________________________________


ALUP Committee:    Approved____          Disapproved_____          Date_______________


Harvest Hills Board:    Approved____          Disapproved____          Date_______________


ALUP Committee’s letter to the homeowner, HHA Board’s decision to approval or disapproval.

Was Sent to Resident:   

Proof of mailing:    Yes____          No____          Mailed by: _______________     Date_______________   


Attach copy of the letter and proof of mailing to application and submit to HHA Board to be put in the HHA Board minutes.

Committee Members

Ron Clark

Roy Browne

Rick Darby

Tammy Noble

Becky Rustenhaven

Ashley Shomin

Dig Rite.jpg

If you plan any excavation, from digging in your own yard to a commercial project, Missouri law requires that you notify Missouri One Call System. Call 8-1-1 or 1-800-DIG-RITE (344-7483). Many utility lines are located underground and out of sight. Digging carelessly can cause disruption of vital utility services and environmental damage, or even loss of life.

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